Exercise Prescription

We all know that exercise has a significant positive impact on general health and plays an important role in:

  • Increasing muscle strength, endurance and power.
  • Improving balance and proprioception (awareness of body position in space).
  • Managing osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, cholesterol and obesity.
  • Improving mood, confidence and therefore general well being.
  • Reducing and managing chronic pain.


At Central Baldivis Physiotherapy exercise prescription involves a process of comprehensive analysis of the body’s strength, balance, flexibility and biomechanics in order to design an individualised exercise program. The program is based on working towards patient specific goals and is continually altered and progressed in order to minimise injury recovery times and enhance outcomes.

There are different types of exercise that can be used in exercise prescription. These include:

  • Aerobic exercise: long duration exercise such as running, walking, swimming, kayaking etc.
  • Anaerobic exercise: short duration exercise such as sprinting.
  • Muscular strength, endurance and power exercises.


A combination of the different forms of exercise prescription above can not only contribute towards injury prevention but can also assist in the prevention of future health complications or illness.

If you are serious about improving your general health, are recovering from an injury or want to improve sporting performances then prescription of appropriate exercises by a qualified physiotherapist can assist you.