Telehealth Physiotherapy - Book an online appointment

Central Baldivis Physiotherapy offers convenient online consultations in the comfort of your home!

Our experienced health care team are able to provide video consulting services, saving you travel time, protecting your health and ensuring you still benefit from our care.

Online Appointments Made Easy!

Here’s how it works. It’s fast, simple and cost effective.


Book an Appointment

Call us on 0895230905 or click this link to secure your online consultation appointment.


Secure Access

Simply follow the link we provide to a secure connection between you and your practitioner.


Online Consultation

Your live consultation will be conducted via video at the scheduled date and time.


Follow Up

A follow up consultation can be arranged online or in person if required.

Safe & Convenient

Online consultations allow access to your trusted health care professionals without having to leave your home. Your health continues to be a priority throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Whether you have started a program and intend on continuing it, are experiencing new problems due to isolation or altered working arrangements, or want to sort out any long-term niggles, quality care remains available with the click of a button.

Ensure your appointment is safe and efficient during COVID-19.

Who can benefit from online consultations?

  • Are you an athlete wanting to stay fit without access to sporting facilities or a gym?
  • Is working from home affecting your back or neck?
  • Have you recently started a health care program and wish to maintain progress?
  • Has the current crisis caused you increased stress and tension headaches?
  • Do you want to remain active with a personalised program?
  • Do you want to see one of our practitioners, but are currently self-isolating?

An online consultation is perfect for you!

What device do I need?

Online consultations can be conducted using a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer that is connected to the internet.

Is it still safe to have a physical appointment?

While the Government has not restricted face to face appointments, BUSINESS NAME values the safety and wellbeing of all patients and has online consultations available to those who would prefer a virtual appointment or those who are currently unable to leave their homes.

What if I want to see my practitioner in person?

Face to face appointments remain available at Central Baldivis Physiotherapy. We have also implemented various precautionary strategies within our consultation facilities. Please call +61 8 9523 0905 or book online as you usually would.

Is my connection secure?

Our online consultations are conducted on a secure platform, with only you and your practitioner able to hear or see your video appointment.